Proud to Support the  American Kennel Club
Our Current Labrador Ladies will soon be placed.
These awesome girls have been here with us! Some have been placed and We are looking for Forever homes for some that are still here. Click the links to read more!.

Carly -Retired and ready for a forever home. A pretty chocolate daughter of our MH Shooter and UKC CH Bear. 
Dilly - Dilly has lots of GO! She's available on our co-ownership program- or for a forever home.
Fancy - Retired and living with Lori Olson.
Glory - Retired and ready for a forever home.  Pretty as a picture, and loves to retrieve. She's got it all.
Karma -Retired. Lovely yellow daughter of our handsome Cutty! Donated to Helping Paws Service dog program.
Molly Latte - Retired. Canadian Championship Pointed. (2 pts. to go!) - Energetic, happy, and cute!
Nauti - Nauti is a pretty black girl with a big heart! Ready for a FOREVER Retirement home.
Paige - Has been Donated to OccuPaws Service Dog Organization to help in their breeding program.
Patty - Retired.  A pretty chocolate girl with a sweet disposition.
Roxy - Retired. We are lucky to have this daughter of FC AFC River Oaks Way-Da-Go Rocky and our MH 
Sally - Pretty light yellow girl from our co-own Aspen and our Buddy. Available FOR SALE..
Stormy -  Lovely black girl from  our Alexa and Graham (BOSS AmCH Gateway's Paint the Town CGC)

Adult Retired Co-Owned Girls  (Girls on our 'host' program).
Because we can't keep them all (much as we'd love to!); these girls live with awesome families as the center of attention, some are now retired and some still remain a part of our breeding program!

Aspen - Retired - Loved by and lives with Margaret Aho and family.
BeeBee - Loved by Lavonne Francis and family.
Britt - Loved by Sherri and Ehren Essler and family..
Farrah - Retired. - Loved by and lives with Nick & Tia McMonigal and family.
Cassie - Retired. _ Loved by and lives with Ehren Essler and family.
Faith -  Retired. - Loved by and lives with Bill & Mary Amann.
Jessa - Retired. - Loved by and lives with Shannon Slater & family.
Mango - Retired - Loved by and lived with Brad & Amy Reiter and family.
Rosie - Retired. - Loved by and lives with Staci Nelson & family. 
Dot - Retired. - Loved by and lives with the Ben Ezaki and family.
Dhuzie - Retired. - Loved by and lives with the Paul & Beth Skoe family. 
Clipper - Retired. - Loved by and lives with Nikki Quiney and family.
Sasha - Loved by and lives with the Kevin & Lynn Peterson family.

The Future is Unknown?
All our future dogs will be Co-Owned Girls as we are fazing out our 20 year  breeding program.   As we get older, we will be traveling around the country as needed for Denise's new job opportunity at TDS Telecom.

These girls will live with awesome families on our host program.
They'll be health-tested (hips / elbows / eyes / cardiac) once they reach age 2, and if all goes well they will have a litter with our Foster/ Doula Family, Dan and Nicki Ohmann and family at Island's Edge Labradors in St. Paul Park, MN.

Ashley - Loved by Nicki and Dan Ohmann and family at Island's Edge Labs.
Bianca - Available - Nauti x Buddy pup
Calipso - Available. Last from LEXUS
Daisy - Loved by Beth & Paul Skoe and family.
Holly - Available - Last from DILLY x CHESTER
MayBee - Available - LAST FROM FANCY x CHESTER
Tilli - Available From CHARLEE x CUTTY