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If you are interested in purchasing an older puppy, young adult, or perhaps adopting a Labrador that has been retired from breeder (adoption "fee" is often the cost of the spay or neuter for retirees), please email and let us know how we can help find the right match for you and your family. 
~Rob & Denise
In some cases, these were our 'keepers' from past litters or are dogs that we brought in to enhance our breeding program but we are no longer actively breeding from them (or we have decided not to breed from them for one reason or another).  

We also often keep pups from our breedings to train as started dogs or families who prefer to bypass the puppy stage. Not everyone has time for a puppy. We can help with that! It's what we do (and love!).

Most of our Labradors are used to indoor / outdoor kennel runs with doggie doors and are crate trained. They enjoy supervised house time and we work on household manners, but we never place a dog saying he or she is completely house trained. Even if their habits are solid in our home (many times this is true), we can't predict what the change of homes will bring. You will need to work with them to establish your own house rules.

Each time a puppy or dog goes to a new home and family they will need time to get used to the new routine and rules there. Here is a link to some helpful info for making this transitionary time successful.

Please email if you are looking for an adult Labrador and if we can help with a good match - we'll respond with more info and photos! Our application follows:

LICORICE- 3 year Female
DOB: 4/4/16
Licorice is a beautiful British style that is available on our HOST program or for sale.  She is crate trained.
Playful personality. She is calm and snuggly if paying attention to her, and can be rowdy and demanding if being ignored. Likes to be with people.
She is a stocky, conformation build at about #70.  She is from our TAFFY and our Grand Champion PARKER.. 
See  Pedigree HERE
PRICED at $1500. (+ sales tax for MN residents)